Wednesday 12 January 2011

Britney Spears - Hold It Against Me

Oh how the mighty have fallen: from innocent schoolgirl hitting the charts, to poptastic toxic siren, to this...shite. 

Here, Britney is reduced to a generic nobody autotuning her way over a computerised dance beat.  Contrary to her early days, this criminally has no personality.  At all. 

That is, until the dub-step middle eight.  Finally, something vaguely interesting and modern, perhaps hinting at the direction of her new album.  And yet, it's incredibly jarring - not only with the rest of the track, but sounding alien to everyone's favourite popstar.  The video is yet unreleased (see below to hear the track), but you can guarantee some sort of lame dance break here.  She's not a girl, but she's well past her sell-by date.

And yes Britney - I will hold it against you.