Wednesday 12 January 2011

Bruno Mars - Grenade

What's that I hear?  Another disgusting love song on the airwaves?  Why, it must be every young girl's favourite crooner, Bruno Mars, who has a serious need to man the hell up.

Once again, his saccharine brand of pop-R'n'B is set to top the charts this week.  He seems to have hit on a winning formula.  You see, every girl wishes they were 'You'.

Not content with claiming that 'you're amazing, just the way you are' and having girls across the country collapse into fits of glee, Mars now desperately begs 'You'.  He will literally do anything for 'You' - whether catching grenades, jumping in front of trains, or taking bullets to the brain.  But it seems 'You' has given Mars a hard slap around the face, because 'You' won't do the same.

Unlucky Bruno.  Who do you think you are, Superman?