Monday 24 January 2011

James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream


Like his other tracks (Limit to Your Love, CMYK), The Wilhelm Scream follows the old adage 'less is more'.  For Blake, it's a winning formula.

The track is a constant crescendo expertly pitched, the sonority gradually expanding with layers of reverb added to the main synthesiser line and vocal, punctuated by the guitar riff and subtle percussion.  It's a hypnotic effect, lulling you into a mesmeric state of mind.  Just look at the audience in the video below - suspense hanging in the air, each person daring the others to breathe.  When the instruments drop out as the track reaches its peak, it's a magical shift.

And then there's Blake's beautiful, soulful voice plucking the heart-strings like the aforementioned guitar riff.  He may be falling, but we might as well fall with him.

The Wilhelm Scream features on the upcoming self-titled album, released February 7th.