Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures

File this one with Scott Matthews, Sufjan Stevens, Simon & Garfunkel and Bon Iver.

Yep, it's another acoustic singer-songwriter.  But the beautiful simplicity of this combination is everlasting and a pure antidote for those turned off by overproduced manufactured pop.  Ok, Leftwich doesn't really bring anything new to the table; the guitar riff is a little repetitive; and the ending is unexpectedly sudden, as if he just ran out of ideas.  But this is a calming and reflective track, Leftwich's beautiful vocal quivering delicately across the airwaves.  The video too is very well shot - but close your eyes if you don't like snakes...  

Whether he can hold his own amongst the aforementioned artists, however, is up for debate.  Though undoubtedly a great track, I'm not sure if Leftwich's music particularly stands out, besides being new.

The Pictures EP is out on March 7th.  Previous track Atlas Hands is also worth checking out.