Tuesday 4 January 2011

The Vaccines - Post Break-Up Sex

Dull and in need of a shot up the arse.

Seriously.  Why is this band poised to be the next big thing?  2011 is supposed to be seeing a return to guitar bands and rock and roll.  But The Vaccines are hardly cutting edge, more a throwback to late '90s indie and undeserving of the hype surrounding them.  Monotonous, out of tune vocals.  Repetitive rhythm guitar.  Elementary chord progression.  A sorry excuse for a guitar solo.  Personally, something a little more progressive is needed to win SO2011.  For an alternative track listen to Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra) - a 1:28 track that sounds more like a football chant.

To top it off, in the video even the band look soulless and uninspired by their own music.  If they find it so tedious, how are the rest of us supposed to feel?