Wednesday 5 January 2011

Mona - Trouble On The Way

"Devotion. Faith. Abandonment. The ecstasy of salvation, the salvation of ecstasy…"

This may sound a little over the top, but it stems from this Nashville quartet's Christian roots.  The band are incredibly ambitious - in a recent NME interview they stated "We're from middle America. We're all about McDonald's and Starbucks and Walmart. Let's do it big and do it for everyone". 

Their euphoric, visceral sound follows on from this fiery determination - an alt rock band with aggressive guitars, melodic hooks and drum beats to get your blood pumping.  Trouble On The Way is their latest single and has this raucous appeal in spades, as does their first release Listen To Your Love ("This film should be played loud"!)

The band's passion shines through in their music and, in the rising trend for rock'n'roll, Mona are on the brink of success - what they've been so diligently and unapologetically striving for.