Thursday 6 January 2011

Jai Paul - BTSTU

Some songs are just too difficult to fully take in on first hearing.  BTSTU is one of those tracks.  The beat is instantly catchy and the falsetto voice is endearing.  But despite it's melodic core, the track seems almost impenetrable and schizophrenic in it's sampling, clear influences ranging from hip-hop, electro, pop, funk and soul.

Yet somehow it works.  After repeated listening, you dig deeper and begin to comprehend the intricate layering of the synths and samples, the stabbing electro hooks dig their claws deeper into your brain and you realise that cutesy voice is actually singing "don't f*ck with me, don't f*ck with me".  It's brilliantly crafted and this fresh talent is deserving of his SO2011 nomination. 

No idea what the title means though...