Tuesday 18 January 2011

White Lies - Bigger Than Us

White Lies have been around for a couple of years now, for many first appearing on the radar as nominees for the BBC Sound of 2009.  Two years later and their second album Ritual has just been released, from which Bigger Than Us is the predominant single.

Reviews haven't been hugely favourable for the album as a whole, but few can deny the appeal of this track.  Their sound has been likened to Joy Division and Interpol, though the band haven't cited these as intentional influences (the video, however, is clearly influenced by ET).  Lyrically, the band focus on themes that are...well...bigger than us - religion, life, death - whilst attempting to write music to match these grandiose ideas.  For the most part they're successful: alternative rock tinged with electro, driving percussion and Harry McVeigh's soaring baritone.

The band's real strength, though, is their capacity to write euphoric choruses.  Bigger Than Us is no exception, with the minimal verses rising to an expansive soundscape.  It's anthemic, epic and will sound brilliant when White Lies undoubtedly do the rounds at this year's festivals.