Wednesday 28 August 2013

Clare Maguire - Paper Thin

The voice is back.

Debut album ‘Light After Dark’ might have been a bit of a disappointment after the epic scope of lead single Ain’t Nobody, but that hasn’t deterred Maguire.  Paper Thin strips back the extravagant production for a piano-based ballad of hushed, brooding emotion and late night reverie.  There’s a touch of James Blake in the gently pulsing piano chords and spectral beats, plus influences of smooth jazz and soul in the arrangement and harmonies.  That chord sequence, especially, is simply stunning.

Most of all though, the song is led by Maguire’s voice.  Where Ain’t Nobody was full of brash power, Paper Thin showcases a different side to her voice: subtle, fragile and filled with a quiet, bluesy intensity.  There are no big notes or soaring runs, just heartbreaking intimacy.

At last Maguire has found her feet.  This new work is a step away from her generic debut and a step in the right direction – towards the success her voice warrants.


Listen: Paper Thin is the first official from Maguire’s forthcoming second album.