Friday 23 August 2013

Don Broco - You Wanna Know

On the weekend of Reading and Leeds Festival, it would only be right to highlight one of the up and coming bands set to perform on the Main Stage.

You Wanna Know is Don Broco's latest track since the release of their debut album 'Priorities' last year and a clear continuation of the Bedford band's lad-rock sound.  Over the last few years they've developed a dedicated following which is set to reach a new mainstream crowd in the near future.  Whole Truth was the standout track from the album - You Wanna Know follows in its wake.

The lyrics might be aimed at a younger audience ("you liked getting laid", "you said you'd have your cake"), but the chorus hook is stellar and it's great to hear more of drummer Matt Donnelly's vocals alongside lead singer Rob Damiani.  Any flaws are soon outweighed by Simon Delaney's guitar noodling in the verses and solid chorus riffs, supported by the funky bass lines of Tom Doyle.  With each release the band just keep improving.

Don Broco are clearly a talented quartet of musicians, but they're equally not afraid of dropping a massive chorus.  It's this crossover appeal that could see them rising to headline position in years to come.


Listen: You Wanna Know is released on 13th October.