Monday 19 August 2013

The Saturdays - Disco Love

You've got to feel sorry for The Saturdays.  After a string of so-so singles, a failed US TV show and (presumably) a lot of morning sickness and post-natal depression, the girls have finally got their act together and come back with a couple of decent singles.  Yet since Gentleman flopped, they've still got their work cut out.

Disco Love isn't much of a disco track, instead channelling 80s Madonna and a Solange vibe with its breezy melodies, electric drums, and insanely catchy "baby baby baby" chorus hook.  It's a step into slightly cooler territory, away from the generic EDM of past singles but eschewing the quirky weirdness of Gentleman.  There's even a Britney reference in the lyrics.

Speaking of lyrics, The Saturdays' output has never been particularly deep but the lyrics here are particularly dire: from the shoddy rhymes, to the clich├ęd chorus ("wanna make me feel so fine, wanna make me feel so good") and the bizarre calls to "Mr Loveable" and "Mr Doable".

Still, Disco Love is the best Sats release in a long while, but it's unlikely to inspire the sort of sale surge that's needed.  Clearly there's still an uphill climb if the girls want to reach the peak of pop supremacy.


Listen: Disco Love is released on October 6th.