Tuesday 6 August 2013

Madeon - Technicolor

Whilst Gaga’s “monsters” froth at the mouth at the prospect of the forthcoming ‘ARTPOP’ for which Madeon is producing a couple of tracks, it’s easy to forget that the young Frenchman is still writing solo material.

“My goal was to tell a story through dance music using a longer structure than what I've done before”, he claims of Technicolor.  That’s certainly true – at 6’28 this is his longest track yet.  The story?  Who knows, but this is episodic whilst remaining cohesive.

It’s also VERY Madeon.  Since the initial Internet explosion of his Pop Culture mash-up and subsequent single Icarus, his style of sample chopping mixed with Daft Punk-esque funk grooves and punchy rhythms is very much present and correct.  Only towards the final minutes does he mix up the formula a little with a more atmospheric change of pace. 

Ultimately, this fits in very nicely with the Madeon ‘sound’, though it’s more of an experiment than a full blown single.  Still, whilst we wait for a proper debut album, anticipation continues to grow for ‘ARTPOP’, which should present an interesting little mash-up of sounds indeed.


Listen: You can download Technicolor directly from his website.