Wednesday 7 August 2013

Little Daylight - Tunnel Vision

Last month I reviewed the latest track from Brooklyn outfit Little Daylight, Glitter and Gold, which followed previous tracks Overdose and Name In Lights.  Now, finally, you can own all three tracks together (with two others) on one EP – ‘Tunnel Vision’. 

Fans of the trio already familiar with these previous tracks will want to head straight for the instrumental Treelines and the subsequent Restart.  The former is a Tron-esque mood-piece of nocturnal, driving synths that bleeds into the latter - a fiery, almost punky, track of grinding electronics.  Both are worthy additions to the Little Daylight musical package.

With the ‘Tunnel Vision’ EP, we can now see what a Little Daylight album will sound like (a full debut is due in the autumn).  The answer?  Very nice indeed.  With a keen grasp of melodic hooks and booming production juxtaposed with singer Nikki's intimate vocals, this is indie-pop that packs a powerful and infectious punch – from the stomping Overdose, to the twinkly synths of Glitter and Gold and the sombre shuffle of Name In Lights.  This is music that demands to be played on full volume.

Basically, if you have any sort of allegiance to the likes of Passion Pit, CHVRCHES, Dragonette or Icona Pop, then Little Daylight are more than worthy of your attention.  This trio are the next best thing in pop, but without the pervy artistic video (I’m looking at you Timberlake).


Listen: ‘Tunnel Vision’ is released on 13th August.