Saturday 31 August 2013

Only Girl - Mountain

Mountain is the first of three songs to be released by Only Girl (a.k.a Ellen Murphy) before the year is through and follows previous stunner End Of Time.

Where that track is a sombre, electronic ballad characterised by gloomy synths and pulsing, demonic sub bass, Mountain is its antithesis - least of all for its radiant video.  The south London singer coos and glides gracefully atop the handclap beat and silky piano chords as she sings "I wanna give you shelter when the sky falls down with know I'll take you there, all the way home".  The result is a charming love song with a folky simplicity yet modern, dreamy production.

And with these two songs revealing two contrasting sides to Murphy's sound, the prospect of two more imminent big singles from this exciting talent is certainly enticing.  Keep those eyes peeled.


Listen: Mountain is the first of three imminent releases...