Friday 13 January 2012

Goldfrapp - Melancholy Sky / Yellow Halo

On February 6th Goldfrapp release 'The Singles' (pictured), a collection of their best work over the last decade/five albums.  And boy has Alison Goldfrapp released some stonking records over the years.

Yellow Halo and Melancholy Sky are the only new tracks on the album.  Over the years, Goldfrapp's sound has chilled (especially with the electro-folk of 'Seventh Tree') and these two tracks offer a laid back synth affair.  Yellow Halo, the penultimate track, is a euphoric slow-burn of layered, pulsating synths coupled with Alison's breathy, processed vocal.  The video features old footage of the band backstage and on tour - sure to bring a tear to the eyes of old fans.  Melancholy Sky, as the title suggests, is a downbeat ballad - "melancholy sky, you made me blue / still hanging on, there's nothing I can do".  The production swells with full orchestration, offering an old-fashioned feel laced with grandeur.  It marks a more mature state of mind, as opposed to the disco fuelled fun of their earlier work.

The overriding feel, though, is one of nostalgia, like the closing credits to a film.  Which begs the question - is this the end?  I bloody hope not.  NEVER LEAVE US.


Listen:  'The Singles' is released on 6th February.  For a track list, click here.