Friday, 20 January 2012

Theme Park - Milk

What with it being January, Theme Park are yet another band purported to be the 'next big thing', more exciting than a trip to Alton Towers.

Their funk-rock sound owes much to Talking Heads and (more recently) Vampire Weekend.  Frontman Miles Haughton's deadpan vocal delivery is especially reminiscent of David Byrne.  This is in conjunction with funk guitars and rich bass sustaining a suitable groove.  It's a sound that has instant appeal for fans of both pop and indie-rock, with Milk being a typical example.  It's no wonder they've recently supported Bombay Bicycle Club on tour.

On closer inspection, though, it's a sound that is overused across their material, draining its appeal.  For all their rhythmic, funk grooves, Theme Park lack a standout track with a killer hook.  There's potential here, but their songwriting needs improvement.  As such, they're not quite the high octane thrill ride you may be hoping for.


Listen: Milk is available to download now, alongside their double A-side A Mountain We Love and Wax.

Watch: Theme Park have a number of tour dates for February and March.