Wednesday 25 January 2012

Errors - Have Some Faith In Magic

Have faith. Errors return in spectacular fashion with their new album, the follow up to 2010's 'Come Down With Me'.

If you didn't know already, Errors are an electronica band from Glasgow, signed to Mogwai's Rock Action Records label. 'Have Some Faith In Magic' is the third album from the band - and their best yet. If you haven't listened to their music then do so. Fast.

This album is a step up from their previous work. It's less metric, offering greater depth with its richer textures and bolder melodies. Though still largely instrumental, the band have branched out to include vocals, though they're used simply as another musical colour in a lush sonic landscape. This isn't just ambient music - there is much to take in, but what at first seems like sensory overload unfurls into a feast for the ears, demanding repeated listening.

With its mix of electronic and the odd live instrument, this is truly music for the technological age. Tusk opens in a blaze of guitars and synth melodies, followed by Magna Encarta with its retro, 16 bit feel. This makes way for Blank Media, which has an almost progressive Mike Oldfield feel in its production, the driving bass ostinato also sounding a bit like Thriller. Pleasure Palaces (see below) meanwhile is an absolute joy, its focus on vocal melodies providing more immediacy than the other tracks.

At times the music lurches rhythmically, at others it drifts lazily as if in slow-motion - The Knock and dreamy Cloud Chamber especially. It never stagnates though, the intricate tapestry of sounds keeping you on your toes. Earthscore paints a darker picture, its tribal drums fusing with alien synths filled with oriental flourishes. The album ends with Holus-Bolus, drifting off into a halcyonic sunset.

It's always a bit cliched to say a band have grown in confidence and assurance - that goes without saying. But with 'Have Some Faith In Magic', the band's unique electronica has surely come into its own.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Pleasure Palaces
* Earthscore

Listen: 'Have Some Faith In Magic' is released on 30th January, but is being streamed exclusively now on Drowned In Sound.

Watch: The band are touring throughout February, click here for info.