Wednesday 18 January 2012

Sleigh Bells - Comeback Kid

Sleigh Bells are back with their...erm...comeback record.

They're not the sort of twinkly, chiming pop you might expect from their name.  You'll know them from last year's Tell 'Em and Infinity Guitars (both from album 'Treats').  Their 'noise pop' will either be a feast or torture for your ears - screaming, distorted guitars, thunderous drums and laser synths, all washed down with Alexis Krauss's playfully girlish vocals in juxtaposition.  For all its noise, their music does thankfully retain a melodic sensibility, making the harshness easier to swallow.

Comeback Kid however follows a very similar template and shows that their next album, 'Reign of Terror', won't be for everyone.  For all their cacophonous discord, Sleigh Bells are very much stuck in their ways and show no signs of progression.  The B Side Born To Lose, meanwhile, is bloody awful.  You'll either love this comeback or hate it.


Listen: Comeback Kid is available to download now, whilst the next album 'Reign of Terror' will be released on 20th February.