Wednesday 11 January 2012

Kyla La Grange - Heavy Stone

Here's yet another female chanteuse to add to the ever growing list.

La Grange harks back to the likes of Stevie Nicks and can be neatly filed next to recent additions like Anna Calvi, Florence and Claire Maguire.  Her melodic lines have an Irish folk air and a tinge of American Country - which is interesting considering she's actually from Watford.  There's also a stroke of the gothic here, not least in the stylishly black and white video but the downbeat lyrics - "please don't hold me in your soul like a heavy stone / I'm carrying my cold heart home".  This is backed by faintly angst-ridden guitars, drums and strings - imagine Florence but a bit rougher around the edges.

And that's no bad thing.  It's just a shame that the chorus falls flat - catchy enough but not as anthemic as her pop rivals.  Heavy Stone is the latest single, but previous single Been Better is, excuse the pun, the better song.


Listen: Both Heavy Stone and Been Better are available to download now, along with a number of her other singles.

Watch: La Grange is playing a few gigs over the coming months: check out her website for details.