Saturday 28 January 2012

Bad Teacher (2011) - Jake Kasdan

Two minutes in: "So what's going to happen is..."

Is this the most predictable film of the past year?  It's a hard fought accolade.

But as preposterous as the story is, you knew it would be right?  Cameron Diaz plays a, wait for it, bad teacher, who is determined to win the annual bonus so she can get a boob job. That's right people, Bad Teacher is basically one long running joke at the expense of Diaz's tits.  She quarrels with fellow teacher Miss Squirrel (Lucy Punch) in a constant game of one-upmanship that mimics Bride Wars.  And will she end up with geeky, dry-humping Mr Delacorte (Justin Timberlake - awkward?  Yes), or fun-loving rebel Mr Gettis (Jason Segal)?  Well that one's obvious.

The humour level is pretty basic, but amusing all the same.  Bad language, sexual innuendo and drug abuse are the order of the day, which centres on Diaz's rebellious Liz Halsey.  The acting is adequate at best, with the peripheral characters (such as Phyllis Smith's Miss Davies) often stealing the most laughs.  But with such a vacuous narrative, it's an easy film to make and an easy popcorn film to sit through on a cold Saturday afternoon.  And all thanks to a tiny rack.