Friday 6 January 2012

Charli XCX - Nuclear Seasons

Charli XCX is another artist set for big things this year, having been snapped up by Warner and releasing two singles - Stay Away and Nuclear Seasons.  Not bad for a girl of just nineteen.

She can best be described as a fusion of Marina & The Diamonds, Robyn and Florence + The Machine.  Like Marina, there's a kookiness to her approach, but with a synth-pop feel a la Robyn - all melodic hooks and fizzing synths.  There's an element of Florence goth-pop here too, the video full of dark eye makeup, floating cloths and...err...wolves.  More so, there's a sombre edge to her music, with grandiose lyrics and soaring melodies.  As a result, this track sounds like the culmination of some of the biggest female pop stars of recent years.  Stay Away, meanwhile, is all thumping drums and floating synths - quite Annie Lennox in character.

But enough of the comparisons.  Both Nuclear Seasons and Stay Away are great pop tracks in their own right, pleasing Twilight tweens and musos alike and bridging the gap between pop and cool.


Listen: The EP 'Nuclear Seasons' is available for free on her official website.