Thursday 5 January 2012

Lower Than Atlantis - If The World Was To End

Lower Than Atlantis are the oasis in a guitarist desert.  Their sound is heavy enough to please the metalheads, yet melodic enough to please pop-rock fans too.

Their new single, If The World Was To End, straddles the line between their thrashing debut album 'Bretton' and last year's more populist 'World Record'.  At times the richly distorted guitar sound smacks of classic bands like Metallica, accompanied by powerfully thrashing drums, yet with vocal melodies and harmonies like those of more recent pop-punk bands.  Over the course of their career, the band's sound has been tweaked, tightened and now consolidated into this forceful and commanding record - their best yet.

Lower Than Atlantis aren't reinventing the wheel, but amalgamating rock genres into a package with universal appeal.  They're a band that all rock fans can latch on to - and they should.


Listen: If The World Was To End will be released in February.  Hopefully a new album will follow suit.

Watch:  The band are currently on tour, with a few dates left this month.