Tuesday 16 August 2011

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera

Like me, you've probably heard this quite a bit on the radio recently.  And like me, you probably had no idea this was a Maroon 5 track.

It sounds nothing like them, minus Adam Levine's vocal of course.  It's more akin to a Jamiroquai track, with electro bass and funk guitars.  Just compare it to This Love, their first major hit.  Admittedly, this sonic transition has been coming since Makes Me Wonder, so it comes as no surprise.  It's just a shame that the band have somewhat abandoned their definitive sound.

Moves Like Jagger isn't horrific, it's just unexpected.  Lyrically, this is your typical song about shagging in a club. Yawn.  What exactly does that have to do with Mick Jagger?  The video begins with various pieces of footage of Jagger and appears to be a celebration of the Englishman's work, with Levine singing to a Union Jack backdrop.  Why then does the video culminate in a celebration of America with a stars and stripes backdrop?  It's too confusing.  Then there's Aguilera's over-produced effort in the middle eight: a cheap and desperate attempt to gain some extra cash. 

It may be catchy, but that whistling sure gets old quickly...