Wednesday 31 August 2011

Ms Dynamite - Neva Soft

She's taken a couple of years out of the business to revel in motherhood, but now Dy-na-mi-TEE is back pon de radar with a new solo single.  Has it been worth the wait?

For Neva Soft she's teamed up with producer-of-the-moment Labrinth, best known for his work with Tinie Tempah and his solo track Let The Sunshine and is indeed "hot like potata".  The production is schizophrenic, jumping from reggae to drum and bass but somehow it all works with electric effect.  It gives the track a contemporary feel that brings the vocalist up-to-date. 

Her Mercury award winning debut album was influential in the UK garage scene.  By contrast, Neva Soft merely follows current music trends but as a result is a much easier listen.  She's not carving out a new future, but she's making the most of the present.