Thursday 25 August 2011

The Inbetweeners Movie (2011) - Ben Palmer

In 2000 there was Kevin & Perry Go Large.

Now, we have The Inbetweeners Movie.

It's the end of school and the obvious thing to do is go on holiday with your mates.  So the lads of the Pussay Patrol set out to Malia for an epic fortnight - getting wasted, acting like playaaaas and getting knee deep in clunge (if you don't understand that, you really shouldn't be watching this film).  It's everything you could expect from the infamous schoolboys.  Yes, the plot is awfully predictable, cringeworthy and awkward.  And yes, it is essentially an extended episode of the tv show.  But when it's this utterly hilarious, who really cares?

So what can we learn from the lads about summer holidays?  Here are some top tips:

* Don't spend the whole time pining after your ex - you're bound to find a rebound at some point.
* Girls will always be impressed by your dancing skills.
* If there are towels on a sun lounger, they're probably there for a reason.
* Don't trust your mates to put suncream on your back.
* Elderly women may be ugly, but experience counts for a lot.
* Bidets are not "children's toilets".
* If things seem bad, at least you're not Will.
* However disastrous the holiday, you can always rely on your best mates to get you through.
* But most of all, don't EVER borrow someone elses rolled up note when doing a line.  You have NO idea where it's been...