Wednesday 3 August 2011

Housse de Racket - Roman

Following on from other French electro acts Air and Phoenix comes Housse de Racket.  They began as session musicians for their predecessors and much of their sound has rubbed off - catchy, melodic electro-pop.  There's undoubtedly a touch of Passion Pit in their too.

Roman is the single from their upcoming album 'Alesia' (released later this month).  It's a dynamic track, owing to its rhythmic diversity.  The opening guitar riff provides an indie-rock flavour, fusing with the energetic synthesiser melodies with pleasing effect.  It's instantly catchy, though once you get over the initial attraction Roman proves a little repetitive and structurally unsatisfying.  And the fade-out ending is lame.  Still, it's well worth a listen and further establishes France as the epicentre of electro.