Tuesday 2 August 2011

The Drums - Money

For many, The Drums were the sound of summer 2010 - Let's Go Surfing gracing the airwaves with wistful Americana. 

One year later and the band are releasing their second album, from which Money is the first single.  Not much has changed; this is instantly recognisable, if a little too familiar.  The basslines drive along, colliding with synthesiser and vocal melodies that are memorable and easy to sing along to.  It's a track that favours repeated listening: once the chorus hooks have well and truly stuck, the song becomes incredibly addictive.  The Drums have managed to make something nostalgic sound refreshing and novel, though hopefully the remainder of their next album 'Portamento' will offer some variety.

And don't worry about the money situation lads; it's something we're all feeling...