Saturday 18 August 2012

Saint Lou Lou - Maybe You

As well as having startling cheekbones, this Australian-Swedish duo are making some haunting electro pop.  Elektra and Miranda Kilbey are two sisters whose voices join in glorious melancholy.  Yearning melodies and wistful vocals culminate in the beautiful chorus of "maybe you and your sad blue eyes".  From their long, flowing locks and seventies fashion, you may be expecting some sort of hippy folk act along the lines of The Staves or Haim. But their voices blend above broad synth washes and gently pulsing beats produced by Addeboy vs Cliff and Patrick Berger (who has also worked with Robyn).  This is downbeat electronica with a sad pop heart.

The sisters have just signed to French label Kitsuné, so fingers crossed an album is in the works.


Listen: Maybe You is released on 27th August.