Saturday, 25 August 2012

Mika - Celebrate feat. Pharrell

Remember Mika?  He's the one who released that annoying Grace Kelly record and proved that winning the BBC's 'Sound Of' Poll doesn't necessarily translate to longevity.  Watch out Michael Kiwanuka.

This isn't quite the cheesy pop you might expect though.  Sure, it's cheesy and it's poppy, but the strong influence of Daft Punk in the bouncing synth lines does add a sense of dance cool - not to mention the inclusion of a certain Pharrell Williams.  And with the pre-chorus line of "Once I get up I feel better and I pull myself together, I remember those two letters, it will be OK", this is simply a track about having fun.  The chorus isn't quite as jubilant as you'd like from a celebration, but as a whole Celebrate is a little bundle of joy.

The video, meanwhile, details what Mika's been up to since the release of his second album in 2009: suffering from writer's block, attending cool New York raves, getting high on cocaine and deciding to live life as a hamster.  Sort of.


Listen: Celebrate is the lead single from upcoming third album 'The Origin of Love' released 16th September.