Tuesday 14 August 2012

Mumford & Sons - I Will Wait

'Sigh No More' was a huge success for the English folk rockers and upcoming album 'Babel' (pictured - from which I Will Wait is taken) is sure to follow suit.

Judging by this track, it seems the band have refrained from changing their sound at all.  This is the same Mumford we all know and love - driving guitar rhythms speckled with banjo arpeggios, rich vocal harmonies and a rousing chorus.  Urgent and impassioned, this is an exciting preview of what the album at large will bring.

The band are clearly content with their folk rock sound and aren't pushing any boundaries.  Yet by taking folk to the mainstream, they've already popularised the genre immeasurably.  In this case, more of the same is exactly what we need.


Listen: 'Babel' is released on September 24th.