Friday 17 August 2012

Egyptian Hip Hop - SYH

Manchester four-piece Egyptian Hip Hop went quiet after the release of their debut EP 'Some Reptiles Grew Wings' in 2010.  With a full album now on the cards, SYH is the band's latest release.

Egyptian Hip Hop are, in fact, not Egyptian, nor is their music hip-hop.  Their previous material, such as Rad Pitt, was mostly guitar-based littered with electronica.  Now, with SYH, the guitar sound has been reduced in favour of electronics, but this is dark grating electro rather than icy coolness.  There's an overall muted feel to the track - the grainy synths and breathy, disembodied vocal offering an otherworldly feel above yawning basslines.  Yet the erratic rhythms of the start make way for a pure pop chorus that's infectious and well produced.  This is 21st century scuzzy grunge music typical of the Manchester scene.  Any ideas what SYH stands for?


Listen: SYH will feature on the band's upcoming album 'Good Don't Sleep' released 22nd October.