Wednesday 22 February 2012

Santigold - Disparate Youth

Following the release of her debut album in 2008, Santigold is finally back with some new material.

Not familiar with her work?  Here's a quick refresher.  The American artist's self-titled debut, including singles L.E.S Artistes and Creator (which you may recognise from the Vo5 advert - if that's your reference point) met with critical success, praising her crossing of genres.  Her work has a diverse range of influences, most notably hip hop, reggae, afrobeat and electro, forming an eclectic and multi-cultural mix.  Her closest contemporary is M.I.A of Superbowl infamy, though her work is harder hitting than Santigold's.  The follow-up album, 'Master Of My Make-Believe' is set for release in spring this year and features Disparate Youth.

This track has a stronger dancefloor vibe than her previous work, the opening synth arpeggios leading into the biggest beat of the year so far.  This fuses with thrashing guitar chords and the catchy "oh ah" chorus vocal hook.  It layers up quickly but then loses direction - it's all on one, slightly repetitive, level.  Yet the production is exciting enough that it doesn't matter.  Santigold isn't the strongest of singers, but her boundary transcending sound ensures her musical voice is heard.


Listen: Disparate Youth is released on 8th April, whilst the album 'Master Of My Make-Believe' is released later in the spring.