Friday 24 February 2012

Sam Sparro - Happiness

Everyone knows Black and Gold but since then Mr Sparro has been doing...well not much.  But his return is imminent with the release of second album 'Return To Paradise' in Spring this year, from which Happiness is taken.  But is it a black spot or a gold star?  (Yes I just went there).

The title is certainly suitable.  Lyrically this is a sweet song about emerging into a happier state of mind - "I can see the sun coming up and I need it, I feel like I've been down for a while".  They're nothing out of the ordinary but matched by the uptempo, funky house production.  If funk is the direction of the new album, we're on to a winner.  Happiness is the sort of track destined for the clubs and Ministry of Sound CDs - with remixes comes further recognition.  But it's lacking a real killer hook to grab the listener's attention and just feels a bit...standard.  Radio friendly this is not.  Quite simply, this just isn't as good as Black and Gold.

So Sparro makes the grade, but doesn't quite earn a gold star.


Listen:  Happiness will be featured on the upcoming album 'Return To Paradise' released this Spring.