Saturday 25 February 2012

Horrible Bosses (2011) - Seth Gordon

Horrible Bosses is one of the most frustrating films you will see.

Three guys (Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis) are stuck working under abominable bosses - the "total fucking asshole" (Kevin Spacey), the "evil crazy bitch" (Jennifer Aniston) and the "dipshit cokehead son" (Colin Farrell).  Their bosses are making their lives a misery, but in the middle of the recession the likelihood of finding other jobs are slim.  Yes it really is that depressing.  So when the guys fantasize about murdering their bosses, they realise in reality it is their only option.

Of course, everything goes wrong in the most farcical manner that will have you squirming in your seat and shouting at the screen in frustration.  Everyone can empathise with the guys' situations and the chance to fantasize vicariously through them should be a winner.  The problem is that none of them are particularly likeable.  Rather than rooting for them, I found myself hoping the dumbasses get caught - their failures are predictable and idiotic as they fumble their way through the film.  Ultimately, they don't deserve the promotions they're striving for, judging by the lack of intelligence they display.  Spacey and Farrell may be playing incredibly annoying men, but it's always fun to indulge your malicious side and it's obvious they had a lot of fun in front of the camera.  Aniston, meanwhile, is hilarious.  The humour may be at a very base level, but her character is given the majority of the crudely amusing lines - "I fingered myself so hard...I broke a nail" being a suitable example.  Evidently, the script does have some witty one-liners (mostly found in the trailer), but they're overshadowed by the overall ridiculous plot that couldn't end soon enough. 

In the end, only one question remains: if Jennifer Aniston was handing herself to you on a plate, why say no?