Wednesday 1 February 2012

Marcus Collins - Seven Nation Army

Misha B should've won. I'm not bitter, just saying.

Still, the runners-up of the X Factor always do better. Not that that's hard when Little Mix obliterated Cannonball at the end of last year. Will Marcus fair better?

Yesterday I reviewed the new track from Jack White himself. And now Collins has covered his most famous track, featuring THAT bass line. It's been transformed from a blistering guitar track into a piece of pop-ska that totally lacks the punch of the original. Olly Murs - is that you? The beauty of the original was the focus on its central riff, but here it's dressed up with organ and horns that at times sound like the work of Madness. Or even madness. There are some sexy vocal harmonies, but Collins's vocal especially is all over the place. Yes he has a point to prove, but endless vocal riffing is not the answer. Sometimes simplicity is the best policy - Jack White taught us a lesson in that with the original. More so, Rebecca Ferguson proved that taking your time over your debut release is a more fruitful way to go. It seems Gary Barlow's young padowan still has much to learn...


Listen: Seven Nation Army is released on the 4th March (listen here).