Monday 6 February 2012

14th - Take Me There

Following their debut EP 'Hide Yourself' released late last year, 14th, a.k.a Tracey Duodu and Tom Barber, are ready to release follow up single Take Me There.

It fits neatly alongside their previous material, Duodu's soulful vocal fusing with Barber's propensity for 90s garage production.  However, the EP felt fresh and creative - the chilling opening to Hide Yourself slowly making way for the garage beats; the almost James Blake-esque ballad of Lights Off; the dubstep remix of earlier track Millionaire.  By contrast, Take Me There sounds a little derivative of the duo's influences, as if ripped from twelve years ago.  The organ synth especially is straight out of Livin' Joy's Dreamer, but it is mixed with more contemporary production.  Perhaps this will light the way for a resurgence of garage music?  In the meantime, this is a great tune and a prime candidate for multiple club remixes.


Listen: The 'Hide Yourself' EP is available now.  Take Me There is released on 13th February.