Monday 13 February 2012

Gotye - Making Mirrors

The outstanding Somebody That I Used To Know has been one of the biggest records of the year so far and it's by far the standout track of this, Gotye's third album.  But how does the rest of the album hold up?

For fans of that song alone, you're in for a surprise - this is not the album of heartbreaking love songs you're expecting.  Rather, this is more in-line with de Backer's previous material - eclectic and experimental. 

Each song is unique, running the gamut of genres from jazz to ska, blues and motown and constructed from live instruments, synths and found samples.  This eclecticism is actually commendable and it's fresh to see an artist given free reign to compose the music they want to rather than an album of identikit tracks all taken from the same mould.  Admittedly the motown feel of I Feel Better and the toe-tapping In Your Light, as positive as these tracks are, feel at odds with the overall moody feel of 'Making Mirrors'.  Yet far from disjointed, the sheer array of music on offer is impressive.  The experimentation meets its peak with State of the Art, a track that sees de Becker semi-rapping using a vocoder that does grate, despite the inventive production.  The blazing guitars and Radiohead feel of Easy Way Out; the urgent drum pattern of Eyes Wide Open; the lurching, blues quality of Smoke and Mirrors; and the dreamy synth strings of Giving Me A Chance with its steel drum melodies - this is a varied and creative album that throws curveballs at every turn.

Sure, nothing quite hits the lyrical heights of Somebody That I Used To Know but likewise, previous album 'Like Drawing Blood' had the incredible Hearts A Mess that stood above the otherwise oddball mix.  Love it or hate it, 'Making Mirrors' follows a similar template, whilst at the same time continuing to forge a sound that defies classification.


Gizzle's Choice:
* Somebody That I Used To Know
* Smoke and Mirrors
* Giving Me A Chance

Listen: 'Making Mirrors' is available now.

Watch: If you're lucky - it seems all his upcoming gigs are sold out for the time being.