Monday 28 October 2013

A conversation with Margaret Berger...

Norwegian superstar Margaret Berger recently released Human Race, the follow up to her Eurovision entry I Feed You My Love. As she prepares to release her forthcoming album in the UK, The Gizzle caught up with her to discuss Eurovision, her future material and what exactly her love tastes like...

The Gizzle Review: Have you recovered yet from Eurovision 2013?!

Margaret Berger: Haha, yes starting to "get over it", but I look forward to looking back on what I was a part of in 10 years time, 'cause I don't know if I've really grasped the size of it all yet.

TGR: I Feed You My Love wasn’t your typically camp, upbeat Eurovision song. Was this a conscious decision to move away from the norm?

MB: This song was my only choice, so to speak, to enter the competition. The song was already chosen, and I got chosen to perform it. I think there is starting to be room for more songs like that on Eurovision.

TGR: Were you surprised by the positive reaction you received?

MB: Yes, I really loved the song and was excited about the performance, but it was a big surprise to get such good feedback.

TGR: What made you decide to enter Eurovision in the first place?

MB: It's one of the biggest TV shows in the world. And I felt like the song was something I could perform and be proud of.

TGR: Would you say your time on Norwegian Idol prepared you for singing live on television for the whole of Europe?

MB: I think 10 years in the industry prepared me more.

TGR: Would you recommend a show like Idol as a route to go down for any aspiring popstars?

MB: I think it has stopped being a good place for that, the market is full of former Idols, X-Factors, The Voice etc. Right now I would rather enter competitions like Urørt in Norway, which is a better place to be unique.

TGR: Over the last few years, there have been an increasing number of Scandinavian Eurovision winners (Finland 2006, Norway 2009, Sweden 2012, Denmark 2013), as well as an increasing number of Scandinavian artists finding success in the UK. Why do you think Scandinavian music is becoming more dominant?

MB: Scandinavia is very modern and leading when it comes to pop music.  We inspire each other to be better, I think. And there are so many amazing songwriters here.

TGR: What could the UK do to become more successful in future Eurovision competitions?

MB: I don't know ;-)

TGR: Your debut album ‘Chameleon’ had a rock edge to it, and with ‘Pretty Scary Silver Fairy’ you moved more into electronic music, which has continued with the industrial sound of your recent material. What or who were the main influences on this change of sound?

MB: I think I just got tired of jazz and rock and fell in love with le synthesizer.  I never looked back, 'cause it felt so right.

TGR: What can we expect from the new album?

MB: The same electronic vibe as 'Pretty Scary...', only darker and more grown up I would say.

TGR: How have you found working with producers Robin Lynch & Niklas Olovson?

MB: They are amazing guys and we have had a common vision for this record, so I've found it very good!

TGR: You’ve been recording the album in Sweden – has this informed the sound in any way?

MB: I don't think it matters that much where you are, a lot of the songs have also been written in Trondheim.

TGR: With Human Race you’ve obviously got your sights set on the UK charts. Is the UK perceived as being tough for European acts to crack?

MB: Yes, it seems to be a quick turn-around and also a bit crowded in the UK market. Whatever happens happens.  We've just released Feed You My Love in the US, which is also exciting.

TGR: And lastly, if you were to feed me your love, what would it taste of?

MB: Haha... I think it would be like a strawberry ice-cream: sweet, but also cold. I was born in the snow, remember?!

Listen: Human Race is available now.  Read our review here.