Monday 21 October 2013

New Pop Roundup

As we head towards the tail-end of the year, here are six new pop tracks you HAVE to hear…

Lady Gaga – Do What You Want (feat. R Kelly)

Yes the cover art is awful.  And yes R Kelly might be the last person you’d expect Gaga to collaborate with.  But Do What You Want, taken from the forthcoming album ‘ARTPOP’, is a sexy, smooth R&B pop jam that successfully marries the two artists’ styles.  “Do what you want with my body”, she implores over pulsating electro production, R Kelly replying “I’ll do what I want, do what I want with your body”.  As long as it doesn’t involve shoving that ass in my face, you can do what you like.


Listen: Do What You Want is available now.

Kelly Clarkson – Underneath The Tree

We’re still two months away from Christmas 2013, but this year’s Christmas number one (probably) is already here.  Underneath The Tree is the lead single from Clarkson’s Christmas album ‘Wrapped In Red’ and it’s basically the new All I Want For Christmas.  Jingle bells, tubular bells, a sing-along chorus, a sax solo…can you imagine wrapping up your presents to any other soundtrack this year?  It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas….


Listen: Underneath The Tree is released on October 28th.

Mausi – Body Language

And at the other end of the spectrum are Newcastle/Italy electro-pop group Mausi with a new track that brings back the sounds of the summer.  Clipped beats, vibrant neon synths and even a spoken middle eight advising how to flirt make up a sexy pop track that brings a touch of sunshine to the autumn months. 


Listen: Body Language is available now as a free download on the band’s new mixtape ‘Autumn/Winter Collection’.

Chlöe Howl – Paper Heart

Howl is one of the top pop prospects to emerge in 2013, Paper Heart following on from the snarling No Strings (“you don’t even know if I’m the right sex do you?”) and youthful stomper Rumour (“I’m just trying to work out how to be like myself”).  For this track, the auburn beauty has cranked up the fizzing synth factor whilst maintaining the biting tone of the lyrics: ”I’m bored to death with you, I’m cutting the chord now darling”.  The video, seemingly inspired by the myriad proposal videos doing the rounds these days, sees Howl going to great lengths to break up with her man.  Ouch.


Listen: Paper Heart is yet to receive an official release date.

Taylor Swift – Sweeter Than Fiction

Sweeter Than Fiction sounds about as bad as the film it soundtracks – the Paul Potts inspired One Chance.  Like much of Swift’s output, this eschews her country roots for a pop aesthetic, but it’s far less catchy than I Knew You Were Trouble or We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.  Instead, this is Swift on auto-pilot with vomit-inducing lyrics.  Yet somehow I fear this song will be the highlight of the film…


Listen: Sweeter Than Fiction is available now.

Gala – Taste Of Me

Remember 90s classic Freed From Desire?  Well this is the very same Gala, releasing a fairly serviceable club track complete with dubstep breakdown.  But what exactly does she taste of?


Listen: Taste Of Me is released on November 25th.