Monday 14 October 2013

Haerts - Hemiplegia

Another electro-pop act from Brooklyn?

No wait, stay with me!

Haerts are not only from Brooklyn, but Germany and the UK, bringing a multitude of influences from across the globe.  The result is tuneful electro-pop with a cool, dark twist that fans of CHVRCHES will certainly appreciate - and not only for the similarly awkward-to-type name.

Hemiplegia is a song that keeps on building.  The pulsating synths throb with increasing urgency, before it all breaks down as singer Nini Fabi repeats insistently "no you can't move up with your eyes down".  Then the bass and beat crash in, the synths fizz and the electric guitar soars for a powerful finale that gives M83 a run for their money.

Still with me?  Click play below - you won't regret it.


Listen: Hemiplegia is available now, with a full LP on the way soon.