Friday 25 October 2013

Tycho - Awake

Tycho’s minimalist ambient music sort of washes over you, like a soothing wave or a cool breeze.  Breathe it in.

Awake is Tycho (a.k.a Scott Hansen’s) first release since his 2011 album ‘Dive’.  Where that material was predominantly electronic based, Awake brings guitars to the forefront in delicately plucked lines amongst the usual synth textures.  What makes Tycho stand apart is his use of melody – where some ambient music hovers in time, the clear, precise melodies of his work provide a sense of direction and movement, ensuring his lofty tracks are always memorable.  Awake is no different, signalling a continuation of high quality music for the forthcoming album, due next year.


Listen: Awake is available now.