Thursday 31 October 2013

Active Child - Rapor

Active Child's debut album from 2011, 'You Are All I See', is a majestic record of lush production: sweeping synths and sparkling harps shimmer against pulsating beats and an otherworldly, almost operatic falsetto vocal.  That all continues with 'Rapor', the latest EP from the electronic producer (Pat Grossi).

The plucked strings of opener She Cut Me provide a suitably atmospheric introduction, before leading into the EP proper with tracks that combine the dramatic production with pop melodies.  Feeling Is Gone is a fizzing synth track, whilst Calling In The Name of Love features driving beats and bubbling bass beneath its yearning melodies.  Evening Ceremony is the real highlight however, the sort of track you can close your eyes and sink into with its synth pads suspended in time and decorative harp glissandi.  The overall aesthetic of 'Rapor' may be more electro-pop than before, but Grossi's ghostly vocals ensure this is still recognisably Active Child, the synthy production a development towards the mainstream.

This movement is mirrored by the the remaining tracks, which include Mikky Ekko (who's debut single Pull Me Down has a similarly evocative style) and Ellie Goulding as featured vocalists.  Subtle's staccato percussion and "na na na" vocal hook ensure a pop sensibility, though Ekko's voice lacks Grossi's unique character; Silhouette is a love duet with Goulding, who covered Grossi's track Hanging On on her latest album.  Hopefully including these other artists will help to bring Active Child's music to a wider audience - Grossi is a unique artist whose haunting, dramatic music deserves far greater exposure.


Listen: 'Rapor' is available now.