Wednesday 24 July 2013

The Naked and Famous - Hearts Like Ours

The Naked and Famous are quite possibly the best musical ‘thing’ to come out of New Zealand.  This September will see the band return with a new album (pictured), following 2010’s ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’ and its huge lead single Young Blood.

Hearts Like Ours isn’t quite as catchy, but still packs a considerable punch with its fusion of glittering synths, punky guitars and euphoric melodies sung by the girlish vocals of singer Alisa Xayalith.  Despite its lack of development from their debut, this is youthful, uplifting and exuberant power pop that will undoubtedly see the band continue to find success both in their homeland and across the globe.


Listen: Hearts Like Ours will feature on forthcoming album ‘In Rolling Waves’ released on 16th September.

Watch: The band will be touring the UK in November, click here for dates.