Tuesday 16 July 2013

Cymbals - The End

The PR behind Cymbals sums up The End rather nicely: "a shimmering seven-minute menagerie of plaintive synths, typically sincere vocals and muted house beats" along with "the intoxicating feel of a night under the lights of a '90s Parisian disco".  Wow.

Except Cymbals are actually from London (via time spent in Paris).  This is an episodic track, beginning with wistful strings before moving into Parisian house territory (complete with french monologue) and, finally, dropping everything out around the five minute mark to syncopated drum and bass rhythms.  The End takes you on a journey that's equal parts pensive and euphoric.

Cymbals' forthcoming third album will be released this year featuring The End alongside previous singles The Natural World and Like An Animal.


Listen: The End is available now.