Friday, 12 July 2013

Alice and the Glass Lake - The Evolution EP

“Many summers ago I took my first trip to the Glass Lake. Having arrived at its wooded bank my eyes caught the tree line and found their first full-on view of the water – the sun and setting colors reflecting from its silvery surface as a perfect mirrored half. I knew I'd found something important.”

Stumbling across the music of Alice and the Glass Lake consisted of, slightly less glamorously, clicking on some Internet links, but listening to her debut, 'The Evolution EP’, is no less special or important than that discovery of the glass lake.

Delicate, ethereal vocals; folky melodies; incandescent synths and guitars cut with pounding drums – this really is music of ephemeral, seraphic beauty and (of course) glass lakes.  Paracosm stands out for its spectral pizzicato strings and shimmering guitars, but it’s lead single Higher that truly surmises the appeal of ‘Evolution’.  An opening verse of synth droplets and thunderous drums, as if after a storm; a second verse that adds a rumbling bassline; and a middle eight that scorches with its bass synth riff aided by the off-kilter beat.  ‘Evolution’ is an EP of enchanting music that transports us to Alice’s glass lake and beyond.


Listen: ‘The Evolution EP’ is available now.