Wednesday 3 July 2013

Tinie Tempah - Trampoline

Tinie’s never been one for lyrics.  This is the guy who infamously lives a “very very very wild lifestyle” and has “so many clothes [he] keep’s em in [his] aunt’s house”.  Don’t even ask “what’s hiding in [his] CK briefs”.

It’s a trend that continues with Trampoline, a song that includes a whole verse of listing capital cities (sadly Scunthorpe isn’t included) following lines of utter jibberish.  The point of the lyrics is purely for rhyming and innuendo purposes, as well as pop cultural references - vacuous stuff made for the club - and all spoken with a broken, jerky flow.  If you want something more political in your rapping go and listen to ‘Yeezus’.

On the plus side, the beat is huge and the bass drop is deep.  It’s not as inventive as with his previous material, but it’ll undoubtedly get you shake shake shaking and jump jump jumping.

That said, the inclusion of 2 Chainz is clearly an attempt on Tinie’s part to break into America, but with Kanye and Jay-Z currently releasing new music (amongst others), there’s no way Tinie can compete with the US greats.  He’s nothing without Labrinth.


Listen: Trampoline will be released on 4th August and will feature on forthcoming album ‘Demonstration’.