Saturday 20 July 2013

New Pop Roundup

Some good stuff, some bad stuff, and some mediocre stuff from well-known artists.  Here's your latest new pop roundup...

Ellie Goulding - Burn

A pertinent title for many people's skin what with the current heatwave, Burn is the latest track to be released by Goulding.  Far from the creative, sombre electro of last year's 'Halcyon', with Burn she's gone all EDM for a bland but highly commercial single with a sexier image.  It sure is catchy though.


Listen: Burn will be released on the 18th August.

Kings of Leon - Supersoaker

Supersoaker harks back to the earlier days of Kings of Leon, before their sex was on fire, they used somebody and turned radioactive.  Full of youthful angst yet retaining some of the anthemic quality of their recent work, the band are clearly aiming to appeal to the full spectrum of their fans.  At the least, it should keep NME readers appeased until the next album is released.


Listen: Supersoaker is available now.

M.O - Hot

Set to be the UK's next hottest girl band, these three girls have previously had a taste of (near) fame with various other bands that didn't quite make it.  Together with previous track Ain't Got Time, it's clear that the time is now right.  With its R&B vocals, reggae inspired beat and "hot hot hot" chorus hook, Hot could well be your new summer jam.


Listen: Hot is available now.

Gabriella Cilmi - The Sting

There might be nothing sweet about her, but on this new single Cilmi is nonetheless being chased by bees.  Having disowned the electro-pop sound of her second album (and her record label), Cilmi returns to pop soul and her trademark husky vocals.  This is bittersweet, between the "if the Devil were a woman" bridge and the catchy chorus that focuses on the extended bee metaphor.  Tasty.


Listen: The Sting is released on 2nd September, with the album of the same name following in October.

The Neo-Kalashnikovs - Gorgeous Baby

Few soapstars successfully make the transition to popstar.  And Helen Flanagan isn't one of them.  Many mistakenly assumed from the low budget video to Gorgeous Baby released this week that this was Flanagan's debut attempt to crack the music industry.  In fact, it's the debut single from New Zealand band The Neo-Kalashnikovs.  That makes it OK to like it....right?


Listen: Gorgeous Baby is available now.

One Direction - Best Song Ever

It's not though, is it?


Listen: Best Song Ever is released on 22nd July.

Example - All The Wrong Places

Hyperactive synths and beats, infectious hooks and a terrible vocal.  Standard Example then.


Listen: All The Wrong Places is released on the 8th September.

Goldfrapp - Drew

Ever since the beautiful A&E, Goldfrapp have settled on a more acoustic-focused sound.  Judging by Drew, it seems that forthcoming album 'Tales Of Us' will similarly feature ghostly vocals and orchestral production.  It's lovely stuff, but does anybody else miss the synths?


Listen: Drew is taken from 'Tales Of Us', released on the 9th September.

Autoheart - Moscow

In a week where the UK government passed new legislation to allow same-sex marriage, the 'anti-gay-law' currently in place in Russia continues to court controversy.  London's Autoheart marry the two with latest single Moscow - an upbeat pop track that celebrates love and a video that ends with a kiss between two Russian males.  That's two fingers up to you Mr Putin.


Listen: Moscow is available now.

Miguel feat. Jessie Ware - Adorn

As if Adorn wasn't good enough already, the addition of Jessie Ware on this remix is an excuse to fall in love all over again.  The restrained soul sound of both artists certainly compliments one another, with Ware's vocal adding an extra layer of sensuality (despite recording them separately to Miguel - yeah, she's that good).  Her additions are minimal, but this is as good a time as any to revisit both Miguel and Ware's stunning albums from last year.


Listen: Miguel's 'Kaleidoscope Dreams' and Ware's 'Devotion' are both available now.