Monday 25 March 2013

Luke Sital-Singh - Bottled Up Tight

Sometimes, amongst all the flashy EDM beats, dub-step bass drops and squealing guitar solos of popular music, it's nice to have a quiet moment of poignancy.  And Luke Sital-Singh fits the bill rather nicely.

If you missed Sital-Singh's 'Fail For You' EP last year then shame on you.  It's a collection of four beautiful acoustic songs that touch the heart as easily as a sigh, showcasing Sital-Singh's subtle guitar textures and nuanced vocal.  Bottled Up Tight is a rather lovely addition to his material, aimed more at the mainstream.  The simple guitar pattern has immediate impact, whilst Sital-Singh's vocal begins as a delicate hush and gradually builds towards a soaring, gravelly chorus.  The final production buffs the performance to a polished sheen, so it's well worth listening to Sital-Singh perform live (see below).

Bottled Up Tight should bring some much deserved mainstream attention to this talented singer-songwriter who surely stands out from the crowd.


Listen: Bottled Up Tight will feature on upcoming EP 'Old Flint' released on 15th April.

Watch: Sital-Singh has a number of imminent gigs throughout the UK - details on his website.