Thursday 28 March 2013

Here Is Your Temple - So High EP

Swedish music isn't just about electro-pop.  There's also a thriving indie-folk scene, led by the likes of Lykke Li and First Aid Kit.  Now Here Is Your Temple can be added to the list.

Their music features lush, dreamy swathes of guitars and strings peppered with icy synths.  Imagine the vast sonicscapes of M83 merging with the indie rock of Arcade Fire and the gentle harmonies of Milo Greene, all wrapped up in music that conjures stark cinematic images of snowy vistas and sun-dappled fjords.  Lead single So High is the most immediate track, with its shoegaze mix of fuzzy bassline and dreamy vocals, whilst Big Way moves things down a heavier, synth-focused path.  Elsewhere the EP is on the lighter side - a gentle wash of plucked, chiming strings and lofty romanticism.  It's on Once Rich that the quintet hit their peak in a mesmeric whirl of melodic hooks and chants of "nothing is a sure thing".

Here Is Your Temple are as refreshing as a cool Scandinavian breeze, blustering imminently across the North Sea to our shores.


Listen: The 'So High' EP is released on April 15th.