Tuesday 19 March 2013

Bo Bruce - Save Me

As another series of The Voice is in preparation, the best act from last year prepares to release a new single and album.

The video for Save Me features Bruce's usual quirky, boho style in a twisted fairytale that sees her awaken from a woodland cocoon clad in feathers and braids.  It's a suitable fit for her doe-eyed, ethereal persona.

But that's as far as any interest goes.  The strings, piano and light trip-hop beat are standard ballad fare, whilst Bruce's vocal mixes the breathy quality of Dido with the squeaky tone of Ellie Goulding.  Her delivery might be heartfelt, but the song itself is hardly pushing any boundaries.

Like The Voice, this is pleasant enough but lacks any bite or true innovation.


Listen: Save Me features on Bruce's debut album 'Before I Sleep' (pictured) released on 29th April.